Happiness In Art

There is one video that shows a young adult male using a spray paint before the sun rises. He then goes home and was met by the eyes of his mother full of question. He just directly go to the room of his younger sister and silently wakes her up. At the same time, the sun rises and the painting that his brother was revealed. What appears to be a vandalism act at the beginning of the video is a beautiful painting meant for his sick sister.

This video shows how art could uplift one’s spirit and bring happiness to a person just like what is shown in the video. A picture of someone we love makes us smile and remember memories. A card that is given by someone makes us happy and can give us comfort. What cannot be expressed in words by someone would be expressed in art and in some form of gifts. Now there are many kinds of crafts and they serve as souvenirs or small token sometimes.

When they are given to someone, it is enough to make someone happy especially people who are thankful for anything given to them. Even if a work of art is beautiful if not appreciated then it could be meaningless. That is why learn to appreciate little things and you can feel the happiness that comes from within you. The many artists of the world have left us many works of arts that now serves as the testimony of how art is important.